Clinic Management System

CLINK is a local-ready made clinic management solution “C-Link” to manage the clinics, this solution is made to manage standard clinics and medical centers and it is expected that the solution in its current version will be sufficient to cover most of the requirements of the clinics despite.

Suitable for clinics, health care centers and spas.
Equipped with a practical Appointment Manager to manage daily appointments, current patient, next patient and appointment details.
Waiting List and queue to organize visitors & patient without appointments.
Ability to see doctor’s notes from inside the examination room via messaging board.
Ability to integrate with other financial, inventory and HR software.
Equipped with a flexible description fields where the user can save unlimited number of description lines when needed, for example: the user can build his\her own description of the medical condition of the patient on body part – level.
Ability to generate a “Patient Health Status Report” before examination to reduce time spent over preparing patients files.
Equipped with an Attachment tool to save all required supporting documents for any case or patient.
Equipped with a doctor information management section where all information related to the doctor availability schedule and doctor replacements.
Ability to give quick access to patient historical details displayed in a user-friendly inquiry windows.
Full Purchase order cycle can be utilized and used in the system.
Approval flow for items’ requests and items’ transfers.
Equipped with a Reminder Manager.
Auto-Generated insurance company claims letters.
Equipped with a Smart Grid tool which is a user-defined tool to view, filter and export data based on the user requirements.
Fully compatible with SQL Server Reporting Tools like SSRS and SQL Mobile Report Publisher.
User friendly and less training hours.