Popular Products

The next generation of intelligent business applications that help you empower your employees, engage customers, and optimize operations.

DYNAERP : Dynamics Enterprise Resources Planning

Provides a solid foundation for unifying processes. Its outstanding financial tools enhance the visibility and control of business health, resulting in the more confident and smarter decisions.

DYNAPAY : Dynamics HR & Payroll

DYNA HR & Payroll is used to set up, enter, and maintain the main employee Management needs, and tracking organizational details within company.

QMS : Quotation Management System

Quick Quotes© is a dynamic web-based quotation management solution, helps in managing quotations and stocked inventory from the stage of quoting a client until the delivery and distribution.

RoomMaster : Accommodation & Facility Management System

The Accommodation Management System is a system with which companies can manage and maintain their Buildings, Floors, Rooms and Fixed Assets inside those rooms.

DYNA Indicator: Key Performance Indicators System

A complete online KPI software tool, brimming with all the functionality needed to manage and monitor all your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Key performance indicators shine a light on how well a business is doing.

QQShipping: Quick Quote Shipping

SCM: School Canteen Management