Retail & POS Services

Retail POS

Point-of-sale retail software is the most mission-critical retail store software system deployed by retailers today and is the heart of enhancing the customers shopping experience, increasing productivity and driving sales. For today is multichannel retailers, ongoing success hinges on having a POS system that can perform smarter, faster and more efficiently all while interacting seamlessly with other mission-critical and downstream systems and sales channels.

Retail POS System

EBS® Retail Store offers robust retail POS and in-store software suite with high ROI applications for specialty and general merchandise retailers in tier one through tier four. Our feature-rich retail POS system offers full functionality to optimize transactions, integrate information and inspire customers, on a common platform for all channels and devices, including mobile. The POS system provides the retailer the power and flexibility to create unique workflows and user experience as well as easily configure and change business rules. Its real-time central features designed to enhance service and drive sales, include central CRM lookup, cross-channel selling, return/exchange management and store central management. EBS retail POS is running on over 250 point-of-sale devices in more than 170 retail brands at MENA leading retailers.

Point-of-Sale Retail Software

EBS®GSSPOS Series, the next generation of GSSPOS, includes advanced POS technology to help retailers create a seamless, customer-centric shopping experience, outservice the competition and reach business goals. GSSPOS makes possible more-efficient transactions with touchscreen POS tools, customer-facing displays and electronic signature capture that shortens checkout time. Mobile technology enables line-busting when needed, and customers can opt for emailed receipts. Financial management is fully integrated with POS, Inventory and other retail activities. GSSPOS streamlines and simplifies every task at POS with such features as new navigation and a new Support Bar, personalized and customizable ribbons, and intuitive menus and screens. GSSPOS Mobile POS takes mobile checkout devices to where customers are located, and GSSPOS Tablet POS enables assisted selling and optimized customer service anywhere.

Mobile POS

The EBS Mobile POS wireless handheld checkout solution lets your sales staff take the cash register right to the customer, whether shopping a sidewalk sale or browsing in the garden center or other remote location.