Dynamics HR and Payroll

The Human Resources module is used to set up, enter, and maintain the main employee Management needs, and tracking organizational details within company, as well as managing the Interviewing and selection of applicants, track the termination, training, in addition to the Evaluation of employees, and track organizational details such as the supervisors, positions, and Department assignment of employees, also to track the distribution of property, such as laptop Computers and cell phones to employees, create benefit plans complete with employee and Employer deduction provisions, enroll employees and their dependents in benefits, and Calculate the benefits value.

DYNPAY is a comprehensive and flexible payroll management solution designed for the Middle East requirements, Middle East Payroll was built from scratch to handle a complex requirement, it support Multi Company, multi payroll elements schedule for having more control.

Unlimited Pay Code with user defined rules.
Unlimited Deductions.
Unlimited Benefits with user defined rules.
Full employee profile⁠⁠⁠⁠.
Employee Calendar.
Track Employee Dependents and family members.
Track and Manage employee documents and expiry dates.
Track and manage company documents and expiry dates.
Loan Management.
Time & Attendance.
Leave Management and Planning.
All Kinds of accruals including leaves, gratuity, tickets.
Government forms.
Email Pay Slip.