Procurement Management System

Supply ME is the application of technology which allows an organization to carry out its purchasing / supply management function in whole or part in an electronic environment from purchasing and requisitioning, to approving, receiving, invoicing and payment processing. In addition to the non-production goods, such as maintenance, repair and operating supplies and office products.

Online product catalogues.
Online requisitioning by end users.
Automated workflow routing for necessary approvals.
Creation of Purchase Orders (PO's).
Budgeting Management.
Tenders Evaluation Management.
Supplier Management (Suppliers, Contracts, new suppliers, Supplier performance…).
Ability to automatically source PO's to preferred suppliers.
Ability to publish request for proposals (RFP's) and accept bids online.
Capability to integrate purchasing card program.
Electronic transfer of PO's to vendor(s).
Electronic updates of PO status.
Integration between GPRO and Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Ability to receive goods against PO's and to match vendor invoices with PO's received for payment approval.
Accessing information about suppliers and supply markets to assist in the development of particular procurement strategies.
Accessing information about Supplier performance.
Integration of procurement with financial, inventory, invoicing and payment systems for both buyers and suppliers.
Online requisitioning by end users.

Supply ME Business segments:

'Business to Business' (b2b) Business activities conducted between two or more business organizations.
'Business to Government/Public Sector' (b2g) Business activities conducted between a business and a Government entity.
'Business to Consumer’ (b2c) Business activities conducted between a private individual and a business organization.